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Tagged by :iconcrazy-cartoon-nut:

1) Pick three of your OC's.
2) Fill in the statements as if you were your OC's.
3) Tag five people to do this meme~!


1. Alistair (Alistair Kayne) 

2. Tyler (Underground part 2)

3. Allan (City of Dark Powers)


1. What are your names?

Alistair: Alistair Kayne 

Tyler: Tyler, but you can call me whatever you want~ 

Allan: Allan Ward~


2. Do you know why you were named that?

Alistair: no

Tyler: Because my parents weren't particularly creative in the name department, actually I quite like it

Allan: I don't know… 

3. Are you single or taken?

Alistair: ill have take out thanks, wait what? (Pandora: he's taken by me~)

Tyler: Single, why know anyone?

Allan: Taken

4. Have any abilities or powers?

Alistair: To make a long story shorter i am technically. It may sound more like a fantastical handicap but you'd be surprised what you can do when you have no pulse. I use possesive 'magic' to augment myself.

Tyler: the power of casual dress 

Allan: super speed, strength and empathy~ 

5. Stop being a mary-sue!

Alistair: Is that some kind of Transvestite?

Tyler: Ha! nope

Allan: I'm supposed to be...


6. What's your eye colour?

Alistair: Grey blue

Tyler: Dark Brown

Allan: Bluuuuuue~

7. Have any family members?

Alistair: *stares blankly* mm… nope 

Tyler: Yes but most of them live in a different state… makes holidays kind of difficult 

Allan: yes well… thats complicated

8. Oh, how about pets?

Alistair: na 

Tyler: no though id like a dog, a shame I'm in a share house

Allan: I have a redhead~

9. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

Alistair: Sweets, Also children creep me out (Pandora: aaaw)

Tyler: uuuh… Public transport? 

Allan: When Nikolas goes away… *frowns*

10. Do you have any activities/ hobbies you like to do?

Alistair: I kill monsters~

Tyler: Baseball with my Pals Collin and Tom… ah back to things I don't like 

Allan: I work part time with Nikolas… does that count? 

11. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway at all?

Alistair: Define 'Anyone' also define 'hurt' ok ill not beat around the bush yes I hurt people 

Tyler: I've got into the occasional fight… never started one though

Allan: I try not to… but I have 


12. Ever... killed anyone before?

Alistair: no one 'living' 

Tyler: hell no!

Allan: no

13. Name your worst habits?

Alistair: If you ask the few people I'm acquainted with I have little regard for my safety 

Tyler: Getting into fights, Its about being in the wrong place at the wrong time… once to often

Allan: I see that good in people sometimes when its not there 


14. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Alistair: I have a Friend i look up too… he's like eight feet tall its amazing

Tyler: Up to maybe, i respect my friends 

Allan: Nikolas! and Jack… aaand perhaps some others from time to time 


15. Gay, straight or bisexual?

Alistair: Theres certain stuff I'm just not into if you know what i mean

Tyler: straight 

Allan: ...I left something in the other room! *leaves*


16. Do you go to school?

Alistair: nope, street smart

Tyler: I'm finished school thank you

Allan: noo… not for a long time 


17. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

Alistair: Marry and have kids… Kids freak me out, I'm technically dead, and I just told you I have no interest in that kind of area

Tyler: I've considered it, too early to tell 

Allan: have kids? this is awkward… 

18. Do you have fanboys/ fangirls?

Alistair: Like the kind the Pharaohs had? 

Tyler: oh so many… no

Allan: nooo

19. What are you most afraid of?

Alistair: regular people, WHAT?

Tyler: strangers, i had an incident a few years ago… A lot of people nearly got killed, be carful who you talk to

Allan: Honestly… If anything where to happen to Nikolas 


20. What do you usually wear?

Alistair: whatever i find lying around… in the back of somones car~ 

Tyler: Jeans and jacket, though i quite enjoy formal dress from time to time 

Allan: a scarf hoody and long pants 


21. Do you wish this quiz was over?

Alistair: no its been delightful 

Tyler: meh

Allan: its not so bad


22. What class are you (low class/ middle class/ high class)?

Alistair: lower

Tyler: middle class

Allan: uuh… not quite sure actually

23. How many friends do you have?

Alistair: one, or two 

Tyler: around ten close friends 

Allan: I have a few around the hotel

24. What are your thoughts on pie?

Alistair: i can't complain

Tyler: Pie is where its at

Allan: Apple Pie! 

25. Alright. What's your favourite food?

Alistair: Quiche 

Tyler: baclava, cheese cake… i eat a lot of sweet stuff

Allan: Carrot cake!


26. favourite drink?

Alistair: beet-root juice 

Tyler: Cola i guess

Allan: my tasty little red head~


27. What's your favourite place?

Alistair: i move around a lot so its hard to say

Tyler: The park, i mean... your Place~ 

Allan: our shared floor…especially the bedroom… *looks away and blushes*


28. Are you interested in anyone?

Alistair: Im interested in a lot of peop... wait aaaaah no 

Tyler: haven't found anyone to be interested in yet

Allan: oh yeah~


29. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?

Alistair: about five foot eight, what?

Tyler: hahaha no

Allan: can i leave...



30. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Alistair: Ocean

Tyler: Lake

Allan: Bath! i don't like cold water, what?


31. What's your type?

Alistair: Human?

Tyler: Girls with a sense of humour 

Allan: mysterious redhead~ 


32. What's your fetish?

Alistair: ok! I'm going to leave you here, keep it real *leaves*

Tyler: im not into that stuff

Allan: which one? i mean…. Look Over There! *runs off* 

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